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Monitoring starting at $20.00 per month!

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The person you refer must reference your name at the time of purchase and they must sign a 2-year monitoring agreement for you to receive the credit.

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  • Test all your alarm sensors and communications often. Call or email our office for instructions as to how to do this properly. *If you prefer, we can send a technician to do a service call for a full system inspection and test.
    *Service calls are billed on a time & material basis.
  • Replace your alarm’s backup battery every 3 years to ensure it can supply power to your system in the case of a power outage.
  • If you have wireless sensors, replace the batteries in them as well every 4-5 years to ensure they work 24/7.
  • Update your key holder names and numbers atleast once per year. Also, be sure all of your contacts have a key to your property, a code to arm and disarm your alarm, and a password for your account. Also, if you have changed your home phone number or changed telephone providers, contact us so that we may update your account and also be sure your system can communicate properly.
  • If your alarm has smoke detectors, have one of our technicians properly clean and service these delicate sensors once per year to ensure they do not malfunction. The majority of false fire alarms are caused by dust building-up inside of smoke detectors and causing them to malfunction. This can be prevented by having them serviced and inspected routinely every year. The Georgia State Fire Code requires replacing your fire protection sensors every ten years on commercial properties and recommends replacement of all smoke detectors in residential properties.
  • Check to be sure all doors have our alarm stickers placed in plain view for anyone to see easily. Also, check to be sure one of our signs are easily viewable from the street (usually located on your mailbox or on a stake in your yard near your driveway). If you need replacements, call or email the business office.
  • If you have or are planning to have any type of remodeling or construction work done on your property, remember to ask the contractor whether or not this may affect your alarm system in any way. If you are unsure, call or email us.

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