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Monitoring starting at $20.00 per month!

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The person you refer must reference your name at the time of purchase and they must sign a 2-year monitoring agreement for you to receive the credit.

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Valdosta City False Alarm Ordinance

If your building is located within the City of Valdosta, you need to be aware that the City has a false alarm ordinance.  If the police respond to a third false alarm within a calendar month, the occupier of the building will receive a citation and a fine.  It is extremely important that you call […]


Smoke detectors should be professionally cleaned and tested annually and should be replaced every 10 years. Call our office to schedule. If you do not have fire protection, now is the perfect time to add it.

New Georgia State Law Regarding Burglar Alarms

We are encouraging our customers to call our office and add a 2nd verification phone number (to be in compliance with Georgia’s new state law).  The law requires that central stations verify burglar alarms at 2 different telephone numbers before dispatching law enforcement to reduce unnecessary dispatches of law enforcement.

Beware of door to door solicitations!

BEWARE:  Use caution regarding door to door solicitations.  Do NOT place your family in danger by allowing strangers inside your home to perform a “free security analysis”.  Also, if someone comes to your home claiming to be a subcontractor of our company, call 911.  We do NOT hire subcontractors!

Reduce False Alarm Dispatches

In an effort to reduce and/or eliminate false alarm dispatches, program our dispatcher’s telephone number into your cellphone and home phone.  If you need to cancel a false alarm, call the dispatcher immediately and provide the password.  Dispatch telephone number is (229) 245-0186.

Test Your Alarm System!

Frequent testing ensures continued reliable operation.  The alarm system should also be professionally tested and inspected annually by a trained technician.  Call our office to schedule an appointment.

Manufacturer’s Instructions

Smoke detectors should be professionally cleaned and tested annually and should be replaced every 10 years. Call our office to schedule an appointment.

General Alarm System Reminders

Test all your alarm sensors and communications often. Call or email our office for instructions as to how to do this properly. *If you prefer, we can send a technician to do a service call for a full system inspection and test. *Service calls are billed on a time & material basis. Replace your alarm’s […]

Monitoring Alarms Installed by Other Dealers

Aaction Alarms can monitor just about every brand and model alarm system ever made no matter who originally installed the system with little to no modification to the hardware, thus making changing over to us much cheaper than replacing hardware as most other dealers have to do.  We take-over alarms installed by other dealers about […]

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